Launching your product into EU market

From scratch to real results:
from 2 weeks
Full marketing support of your business
You'll need a product and a will to expand. We'll take care of all the marketing part
Key solutions
Web development
Corporate portals
Online catalogues and e-commerce sites
Blogs and forums
Landing pages and promotional websites
Special projects and exclusive web-pages
Complex web-services
Business card website
Make clients aware of your product's advantages and dress-up the top of your purchase funnel. If you already have a web page, we'll translate and tune it for the local market.
Developing bots for Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook messenger
Messenger Facebook
Chatbot saves the man-hours of your personnel and guides clients through the purchase funnel. It allows cutting the support department costs in 2-3 times and also fastens all routine client interactions.
Online advertising
Contextual and digital display advertising
Social media and in-app ads
Programmatic buying all over the web
Marketplace sales optimization
Increasing the number of buyers and bids, enhancing the brand loyalty, and reaching for new customers interested in your product.
Offline advertising
After sales service
Beefing up the online advertising impact with offline resources and increasing the brand's presence in audience's everyday living space. To learn more about the offline advertising possibilities go to Mira Media.
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Additional solutions
Web and social media communication
Filling in the catalog of your items, building a link with customers via live and up-to-date content. Developing continuous communication and shaping loyal audience.
Manifesting a brand or product with video advertising, creative activations, and proper visuals.
Corporate identity
Brand communications
Competitive strategy
Developing a brand-book and a logo. Working out your way of communicating with the audience. Finding sweet spots for client interactions and developing proper brand positioning.
Improving CRM
Creating an automatic funnel
End-to-end analytics
Automating all advertising routine and increasing the advertising efficiency with in-depth analytics.
You are four steps away from entering EU market
We'll get in touch, learn about your business, share ideas. Pick necessary solutions and form a commercial offer.
Working on chosen solutions. Preparing a launch.
Launch and support
Launch your product onto the market with a dedicated advertising campaign. Then we'll support your business as long as it's needed, or you can also operate on your own guided by our algorithms.
Congratulations! You've entered a new market
Expanding businesses and evolving with them
ELGBET LLC Agency team supported business expansions in EU, Russia, and the Middle East countries. More than 10 years of work on these markets taught us to be flexible, think outside-the-box, and adopt the right solutions for any kind of business: chatbots, web development, programmatic advertising, and many more. That's why the result of our efforts is always noticeable in the streets and malls, in your computers or smartphones, or on YouTube and WhatsApp.
luxury watch marketplace and online magazine.
The results of our work
These brands have already entered the market with our help
Dietary supplements and disinfectants.
Hotel network.
Realty agency.
WatchJ: luxury watch marketplace and online magazine.
Since the inception of the portal we took care of all the production duties. We were responsible for the main design concept, corporate identity, website development, filling-in the catalogue, and even printing the coffee-table format paper version issued quarterly in two languages and two countries. Now we're running continuous website support and occasionally help with copyright and advertisement tasks. The latter include SEO/SEM, social media ads as well as programmatic buying.
PentaVie: dietary supplements and disinfectants.
Working on this project from the early stages, we had the opportunity to create the main design concept, including the brand book and the label. Next step included the website development and the offline advertising campaigns in EU. All the online advertisements, SEO optimizations, and programmatic buying were also executed solely by our team.
V-hotel: hotel network.
For this case we've created the corporate identity, successfully integrated several payment systems on the website, and now run continuous website support as well as online advertisements duties. The latter includes social media and SEO/SEM.
MiraEstate: realty agency.
We took care of all the website development, including filling-in the realty catalog, implementing CRM, and finally building and launching Telegram / WhatsApp / Viber chatbots to automate the purchase funnel. Also we continuously act as a committed partner in all advertising activities, including online, social media, SEO/SEM and, of course, all the offline promo taking place in EU.
SterixEco: disinfectants.
Again, being recruited at the very beginning, we were involved in the overall design concept creation. It was followed by the website development, chatbots implementation helping to automate the purchase funnel, and all the regular online advertisement support from SEO to programmatic buying. Finally, the offline advertising campaign in EU is also our responsibility.
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